Let Veronica Brodman Take Your Photograph

Willowriver Photography is a trendsetting studio based in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. When you take advantage of my services, you will be able to appreciate the art of photography and the fine prints and products that I provide.

There’s no other photographer to trust when you want to capture emotions on photographs. You can count on Willowriver photographs to stand out among the rest. As clients say, they are eye-catching and bold.

My Specialties

  • Engagement & Wedding Photography

  • Family Photography

  • Senior Photography

Invest in Memories

When I was growing up, my mom took me and my sister to a studio for a family photo session. She bought a 16x20 canvas of our portrait and hung it on the wall. I remember looking at the picture every day, feeling proud of our family — the Three Musketeers as I liked to call our trio.

My sister looked awesome in her white-collared shirt with a tie. I looked silly in my pink jumpsuit. Meanwhile, my mom looked beautiful in her new dress.

That picture is the first thing I always think about when I remember home and growing up. It creates emotions for me. The portrait was just as special to my mom and sister. I want to recreate this same special memory and evoke the emotion of love for your family using my skills as an on-site and studio photographer.