My name is Veronica Brodman! I am an on-location that is fully licensed and insured. I have a complete passion for love, life, and memories. I started Willowriver Photography in 2014 as a complete passion and now a full time career.  I dedicate my life to my work and my clients happiness. I can't wait to work with you!

I am married to, I think, the best guy in the entire world. But unfortunately, we are unable to have children. So when I started in Photography I  had a ton of time on my hands and I needed to find my passion to keep myself busy. While all of my friends were at the park with their kids, I picked up a camera (Nikon) and photographed them at the park. :)

From there, I fell into complete love with the lens! I have taught myself everything I know, from using my DSLR, editing software, marketing, and more. I kept asking myself, “How do these talented photographers get their pictures to look so amazing? On a quest, I have been on since! I am better today than I was yesterday. Since starting I have attended Workshops and Mentoring sessions with world renowned photographers and have learned so many technical, creative and business skills to offer my clients top of the line Photography.

There are soooo many amazing, talented photographers in our area! I do believe though that photography is unique to every individual photographer, and that it is an ongoing learning adventure both technically and creatively.

You have to pick your photographer based on the style you like! I am a very artistic photographer; I love using my imagination and creativity along with my technical skills to create bold art with your photographs.

My style is very editorial, bold, bright and dramatic. 

So all that being said, people always ask, “Where is Willowriver? How did you come up with Willowriver?”

Here it is, folks. For a very long time, I had always said if I had a little girl her name would be Willow River.... Well that didn't happen per se. But Willowriver was born, and is MY BABY!

Thank you for your interest in my art! I look forward to being a part of your life!


Your Friend, Veronica